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Everybody heard about online games for money which you have to pay for. We offer you a unique game which will change the perception of Internet games forever! The economic game "Golden Clone" is a full scale browser strategy and the first economic strategy which provides you with the opportunity to earn money. Our game is not played for money and it is not about gambling!

The economic game "Golden Clone" is an interesting economic simulator of a virtual state. It is something much greater and better than any online game for money! Our economic game will provide you with a new perception of the Internet cyberspace. You may hold in your hands the future of a whole virtual state with its economics and social systems at your command. You are the one to determine the economic strategy of your development and your game characters (virtual clones) will implement it. The wide range of game opportunities will not only enable you to affect the economy of a virtual state, but also reveal and unveil your capacities: as head of a princedom, mayor, exchange trader, farmer, warrior. You may undertake a career of a public servant or mage-alchemist, founder of a settlement and master of naval vessels, successful hunter or owner of precious stone mines. The economic strategy you choose may not only affect your earning with the game, but also the future development of the virtual state with its economical and social systems! Just like in any state of the real world, you may work and earn, build a career, find friends and any activity or entertainment of your fancy! In this economic game you can meet and communicate with many interesting people, rest enjoying the game and have a permanent stable income. Your Internet earnings depend only on the economic strategy you choose. The virtual life goes on non-stop, the clones continues to live, work, earn and make their masters happy. You may dedicate any amount of your time to the game: having planned the economic strategy, you may just drop by your account from time to time to see how your clones are doing and how much they've earned for you, what changes have taken place in the virtual state, what new things have been built, or you might successfully trade with the resources, precious stones and securities at the exchanges, multiplying your income.

An interesting game awaits for you here, an endless surge of emotions and new feelings - the virtual world of the economic game "Golden Clone" is open to all your endeavors! Hurry to combine rest with interesting Internet earning. This is not just a browser game - it's your new world. Start one more life - a life in this virtual world. Try to reach the heights in an alternative world - walk the path from tramp to Emperor, build a state an a business empire of your own!

Play and earn.

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Golden Clone - economic online game