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Basic rules of the game

1. Social structure of the Land of Clones

There are social statuses and titles in the Land of Clones, at that, titles are the supplementary properties of a clone who founded a Princedom :

Social statuses Princes' titles
Civil Military
Tramp High Prince Commander
Hired Hand
Peasant Grand Prince Warchief
Merchant Sovereign Prince Warlord
Boyar Emperor of the Land of Clones

A. Social statuses:


The initial status of your clone is "Tramp". There can only be one tramp on a game account. On expiry of 30 days a tramp that didn't make it to the Hired hand status ends up in the Hapless Halls, wherefrom other residents can redeem it by purchasing a status for it (the clone thus acquires a new master), or the tramp dies after 30 days in the Hapless Halls. If a game account only had that tramp clone, such account is then closed and deleted including all the in-game valuables.

Tramps can:

  • work as heralds in the Embassy;
  • serve as squires in the princedom;
  • work as servants in the houses of residents of the Land of Clones;
  • work as shiftman in an enterprise (Sawmill, Stone Pit, Mine, Mill, servant (if the tramp is the only clone on the account);
  • receive benefits paid from the charity fund and shelter in the Dosshouse (if the tramp is the only clone on the account);
  • participate in contests of the forum and quizzes in chat;

Hired Hand

This is the first stage of clone development which reveals all facets of social and political life of the country to your game projection .

Hired hands can:

  • work in any enterprise of the Land of Clones;
  • serve as infantrymen in the princedom;
  • start a farm of their own;
  • own and operate Gold Mines;
  • receive all kinds of state benefits;
  • own personal real estate;
  • own securities of the Land of Clones and receive dividends accrued on them.


This is the second stage of clone development which extends the gaming and financial opportunities of your game projection. You can get more interesting and better paid jobs .

Peasants can:

  • work in any enterprise of the Land of Clones;
  • work in state institutions of the Land of Clones;
  • serve as cavalrymen in the princedom;
  • start a farm of their own (extended opportunities);
  • own and operate Gold Mines;
  • receive all kinds of state benefits;
  • own personal real estate;
  • Exchange trading;
  • own securities of the Land of Clones and receive dividends accrued on them.

Bourgeois – Merchant

The following statuses - Bourgeois, Merchant, Noble, Boyar. Each next status reveals great opportunities, such as :

  • hold high positions in state enterprises and institutions.
  • serve as artillerymen or ship captains in the princedom;
  • create a princedom of their own;
  • start any kind of personal business (see section "Character" - "Personal business").
  • trade at the exchange;
  • own any game valuables of the Land of Clones.

Currently, state duties for status improvement amount to:

  • Hired Hand — 5 golden coins
  • Peasant — 10 golden coins
  • Bourgeois — 40 golden coins
  • Merchant — 150 golden coins
  • Noble — 400 golden coins
  • Boyar — 1,500 golden coins

You may familiarize yourself with the full list of those opportunities and the ways to gain access to them in the Chancellery of the Land of Clones .

B. Princedoms / Princes / Titles

Creation of a Princedom makes a clone a Prince and opens new horizons to it :

  • buy products at the lowest prices, sell them through the Commodities Exchange at the prices set at will, or use for other purposes at their discretion.
  • A Prince has new opportunities to gain additional profit, such as construction of a Prince's palace. 7% of state profit from sale of "social statuses" is transferred to the fund of palaces. At the end of each working day, that fund is equally distributed among all Princes who own palaces.
  • Princes are granted titles for the level of their Princedoms and, depending on that title, Princes are paid a corresponding percentage of profit from all gold mines of the Land of Clones. On each sale of a Gold Mine, Princes' fund receives 15% of their value, as well as 10% of all gold panned every day. Thereafter Princes' fund is divided according to the titles of Princes.
  • The amount of goods produced in the Princedom depends not only on the level of the corresponding enterprise, but also on the amount of residents within the territory of the Princedom (houses built).
  • Each Princedom shall form a gold reserve - a separate treasury of the Princedom, which is replenished by disbursements of 5% of the sum in golden coins spent by the Prince on purchase of the Prince's reserve of resources.

If a Princedom loses a war, its treasury becomes a war trophy of the winning Princedom and this military income, as well as any other, is paid to the whole army of the winning Princedom in the following proportions, to all warriors of the following types: :

  • 30% to the winning Prince
Corps % of profit Corps % of profit
Squires 1 Ship captains 20
Infantrymen 10 Medical assistants 3
Cavalrymen 12 Surgeons 4
Gunners 15 Blacksmiths 4

Thus, payment to a single soldier will amount to P = (A/100 * X) /N, where: A is the trophy value after the battle / victory over the captured Princedom. Own treasury of the Princedom in golden coins X - A % value; N is the overall amount of soldiers of a given type in service of the winning Princedom .

The higher is the population density of a Princedom, the higher is the productivity of all its primary enterprises: Sawmills, Mills, Stone Pits, Mines. 100% pr the population density corresponds to a 30% productivity increase (i.e. the Princedom's reserve has 100 units units of wood, but with population dentisy value 100%, that wood units value would be %unit2%).

The Emperor

The supreme title. A resident of the status Boyar and awarded with the title Sovereign or Commander Prince may become an Emperor of the Land of Clones. A Princedom must have a Palace built and its flag must be hoisted. An Emperor may be overthrown in case of a lost war. The overthrown Emperor is entitled to regain his throne, but no sooner than 15 days days after being overthrown

An Emperor enjoys everyone's respect and holds an honorary place in the State Duma, as well as is entitled to a permanent income from the equal share of disbursements to the Imperial fund in the amount of 7% of state profit from sale of the "Social statuses";

2. Embassy

Embassy is a state institution of the Land of Clones which currently offers two jobs - the Herald and the Ambassador. A tramp can become a Herald, and any clone of the status Hired hand or better can become an Ambassador. The essence of their job is attracting new residents to our state. Remember, that it doesn't only improve your clan, but you also receive 1 Charisma point and 20% of the value of EACH social status acquired by your referral. Working in the embassy, each participant can ensure a lifetime benefit in golden coins for his/her clone, which will increase each day, since there are weekly bonuses associated with the amount and grade of descendants of your clan (the Ambassador's service record).

Ambassador's service record includes not only the clones registered by the link of that ambassador, who afterwards acquired Hired hand status or better, but also the clones registered and acquired the Hired hand status or better using the ambassador links of any descendant of yours (a member of your clan). .

Detailed information on the ambassadors' mission, its rules and ethics is available on the Embassy's pages.

3. Special benefits

Our State cares for its residents and therefore created the Social Benefits fund for the population of the Land of Clones:

  • 40% of state profit from sale of social statuses;
  • 20% of profit from the State Farm (but for hens);
  • 20% of state profit from Gold Mines (their sale at the auction)
  • 10% of state profit from Jewelry; (from orders of jewelry items)

Payments of the Social Fund are weekly, on Fridays. The fund is split into four equal shares and is paid by the state :

Part one:

The Age benefit is paid to all clones but for the tramps. This benefit is paid in function of the clone's grade value. In this case, the grade value is determined by the date on which a clone had been registered ;

Part two:

The status and title benefit. This benefit is paid to all clones but for the tramps. The benefit is paid depending on the grade value of a clone. In this case the grade value is determined by status or title of a particular clone :

  • Hired Hand — 5 units grade points;
  • Peasant — 10 units grade points;
  • Bourgeois — 40 units grade points;
  • Merchant — 150 units grade points;
  • Noble — 400 units grade points;
  • Boyar — 1500 units grade points;
  • Emperor — 10000 units grade points;

Part three:

The ambassador's benefit is paid in function of the grade of an ambassador. In this case, the grade value is the aggregate grade value of all clones in the ambassador's service record, regardless of their status ;

Part four:

The ambassador's benefit is paid in function of the grade value. In this case, the grade value is the aggregate grade value of all clones in the ambassador's service record. The calculation is similar to that of the second part of the social benefit (the status and title benefit) .

Besides, the State pays daily benefits to real estate owners and does its best to extend the list of benefits provided to residents of the Land of Clones, participates in payment of prizes to winners of contests and quizzes .

4.Production and distribution of Resources.

In the Land of Clones there are 4 types of primary resources - wood, cereals, stone and metal, which are required for construction and development of Princedoms, as well as to begin service in the Princedom (but for the squires). Certain types of resources serve as basic components for production of derivative products by processing them (for instance, combined feed or flour can be produced of the cereals and the flour can thereafter be used to bake bread) .

At 0:00 GMT each day, the resource turnover cycle begins. By this time, the resources are allocated to the Princes' reserve in proportion to the level of the Princedom's enterprises and may be bought by the Princes. At 12:00 GMT all resources not bought by the Princes shall be transferred to the SCTC (State Cargo Transportation Company) for delivery to the Commodity Warehouse by 22:00 GMT. If no products are delivered to the warehouse by 23:59 GMT, the amount of products bought during the day shall be increased by 1%, otherwise the remaining resources are submitted to the state reserve, and that enterprise will produce 25% less products on the next day. Employees of the Commodities Exchange (stewards and accountants) are entitled to buy resources at the Commodity Warehouse, as well as clones of the status Merchant and better.

5. Labor, Service and settlement regulations.

In the Land of Clones, financial and other settlements with the army and employees of enterprises takes place in daily cycles. 0:00 GMT is the set cycle beginning time for all settlements, so the cycle lasts 24 hours. The chronology of the procedure is as follows:

  • wear of the Storage;
  • accrual of princedom reserves, automated buyout of princedom's resources;
  • expense of Princes' work capacity points;
  • restoration of the work capacity standard points for all workers according to their status, consumption of food at the Refectory;
  • accrual of jewelry bonuses;
  • rating recalculation;
  • payment of dividends on securities;
  • payments from: the fund of palace owners, the Imperial fund, the hoisted flag fund;
  • accrual of weekly social benefits (on Friday);
  • accrual of the precious stones and gold mined;
  • discount of work capacity points from Mine owners;
  • payment of bonuses for friendship with Fairy Characters;
  • payment of state benefits to owners of real estate;
  • payment of Prince benefits to house owners, Р°s well as payment of the servants' salary by the house owners;
  • payment of salaries by enterprises and institutions;
  • accrual of the workers' experience, transfers, restoration of tutors' hours;
  • accrual of experience and distribution of payments to warriors and officials of the Princedoms;
  • consumption of feed by the animals and hens, accrual of household products;

If a resident submitted a notice of retirement from an enterprise, such retirement will take place at once after settlement of accounts between him and the employer.

6. The financial system of the Land of Clones


Monetary system of the Land of Clones is based on the two in-game currencies - the "Clonero" and the "Golden coins".

Clonero are used to add or withdraw funds to and from the game, as well as for external settlements. The exchange rate of Clonero is one half of the combined excnage rate of USD and Euro on the international currency exchange (1 clonero = (EUR+USD)/2) .

Golden coin.

Golden coins are the internal game currency and are used for settlements in the game itself. Exchange of clonero for golden coins and vice versa is done at the State bank of the Land of Clones through minting 1:1 (1 Clonero = 1 Golden coin, 1 Golden coin = 1 Clonero). You may order minting of golden coins for clonero in the State bank as well as mint clonero for golden coins. .

7. Settlements in the RPG "Golden Clone"

All settlements between players and Administration of the game are made in electronic form, using "Golden coins" and "Clonero". You can replenish your game account and withdraw game money from it using the most popular electronic payment systems. If you've never dealt with payment systems before and do not have an electronic monetary account of your own yet, we recommend you to pay a visit to our forum (the City square), or use the "Contacts" section of the website, where you may submit any questions to the Administration or other participants of the game .

Our settlement terms ensure reliability, swiftness and security of payments. Each game participant has a unique 9 digit number of his bank account (ID), where the game funds are accumulated. The exchange rate of the game currency is set by the Game Administration .

8. Game stats

  • Charisma is a special quality of man to cause efficient influence on others. It can be improved working in the Embassy.
  • Discretion - A quality which enables to draw logical conclusions on the basis of available information. Residents can improve their discretion skill throughout the game process and studying the relevant courses in the University. At the same time, they can always turn to the wise old man in the Exchanger's shop, who is always glad to share his lifelong wisdom for a coin or two.
  • Experience is the "lifelong databank" of each clone. The more experienced is a clone, the more respected it is by other residents and the more gaming opportunities are available to it. Residents gain experience from civil work and military service.
  • Health - This in-game parameter is used at war and affects the attack and defense power of your clone. If health of your clone became 0, it won't die, but merely won't be able to take part in a war among Princedoms and has to heal. Every hour of a calm and peaceful life heals for 0.09% of health. If your clone is a member of Princedom's armed forces, the amount of health healed an hour depends on the level of the Princedom's Hospital, as well as the amount of surgeons and medical assistants in service of the Princedom.
  • Work capacity is the capacity of a resident to carry out a job with certain level of efficiency. To combine several jobs at a time, a resident has to consume more food to increase its work capacity. If work capacity is low or insufficient to combine jobs, the resident ceases to cope efficiently with the works assigned to it and ceases to receive salary. If an employee fails to cope with its job for three days, it will be fired..

Jobs of the "Faceting Factory" and the "Jewelry Workshop" require use of an additional work capacity point. Also, developing any kind of Gold Mine will take 6 work capacity points a day. Working in the embassy does not cost you any work capacity points.

Each working resident will replenish its daily standard work capacity points (corresponding to the resident's social status) at 0:00 GMT (4:00 a.m. Moscow time). A resident is considered unemployed if he is not working in any commercial or state enterprise nor is in military service. Each unemployed resident spends the daily standard amount of work capacity points (corresponding to the resident's social status). If a resident works in the embassy only, the work capacity points are not replenished. Combining jobs, a resident needs to consume food to maintain and, if needed, increase his/her work capacity. Otherwise a resident would be risking to fail his duties and be fired. Replenishment of the work capacity points of a clone takes place automatically, as needed. Clones eat at the Refectory, so you should upkeep the required amount of foodstuffs in it and timely replenish it. Additionally, work capacity points can be replenished by acquisition of tickets for voyages and taking a voyage you might wing a monetary prize as well.

Daily standard expense of the work capacity points at a single job.:

status Expenses (unit(s))
Hired Hand 0.08
Peasant 0.16
Bourgeois 10
Merchant 60
Noble 140
Boyar 340

Energy value on consumption of foodstuffs:

Product type Restoration (unit(s))
1 egg 3
1 liter of milk 21
1 kg of bread 25
1 kg of pork 67
1 kg of beef 64
  • Prosperity is a parameter which equals to the sum of grade values of the houses owned by a clone and the last sum of salary paid to the servants of these houses.
  • Social grade is a summary parameter which includes all the in-game valuables owned by a character. It is calculated as the aggregate
  • nominal value of the in-game parameters, such as experience, charisma and discretion, as well as personal in-game valuables, expressed in the equivalent of golden coins.

9. Education / Licenses / Special skills.

A clone can study professions, such as Geologist, Jeweler, Smith, Medical assistant, Surgeon in the University, as well as undergo Military training in the War Office. Education provides clones with additional opportunities, such as starting a Mine or working in the service of the Princedom or in a jewelry enterprise .

Employees of the University may be granted lifetime licenses for teaching Discretion (issued automatically), Geology, Jewelry craft and Martial arts. It will enable them to additional participation in profits from such activity .

Special skills are obtained by exchange of game stats and enable additional profit at a specific enterprise, as well as higher positions .

Enterprise Special skill Enterprise Special skill
Sawmill Forestry skill Faceting facility Faceting
Mill Farming skill Jewelry Workshop Jewelry craft
Stone Pit Geology skill Hospital Medicine skill
Mine Mining skill Steel-rolling plant Steel-rolling skill
SCTC Logistics Military port Harbour skill
Fair Business skill War Office Military skill

10. Securities / Dividends.

State enterprises, such as Sawmills, Stone Pits, Mills and Mines, by agreement with the State Chancellery of the Land of Clones, issued securities which enable their owners - residents of any social status (but for the tramps) - to receive the proportional share of profit in the amount of 14% of the state price of all sales of the relevant resources at the corresponding enterprise. The State Bank also issued securities which enable their owners - residents of each social status (but for the tramps) - to receive a proportional share of profit in the amount of 5% of each golden coin minted. The dividends are accrued daily. If the overall amount of annual dividends exceeds 40%, the enterprises may request issue of additional securities. The secondary securities market is available at the Stock market.

Our state is never idle. The world is constantly improving. The game opportunities are constantly expanded. It enables our residents not only to have some fun time, but also earn golden coins which are easily convertible into real money!

Golden Clone - economic online game